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Web hosting remains an unknown range for most beginners in the online community. They might often overpay for hosting packages, simply due to inadequate information. Fortunately, companies like Hostgator have a strong marketing plan making them quite a popular name in the market. Simple search for web hosting provider is bound to give you Hostgator as one of the top choices. Now, with the following information you will also be able to choose the best Hostgator coupon to further bring your hosting charges down.

Hostgator features

With hosting servers in multiple locations across the globe, Hostgator is one of the most popular web-hosting providers that is committed to provide excellent back up and tech support  in addition to almost no down time hosting.

  • 99% Uptime
  • Affordable Price Packages (can choose the package suiting for you)
  • 45  Day money back guarantee
  • Secure support for ASP, Python, and many other programming languages to support dynamic websites.
  • Provides SSL certificates and multiple security services for their client websites.

Hostgator coupons and vouchers

Hostgator coupons and vouchers are dedicated towards providing new customers with a hefty discount as they step in to the Hostgator family. These discounts are only applicable on new registries. You would not be able to access discount vouchers for renewals. Hostgator announces seasonal, annual, and special promotion codes and vouchers at optimum periods. The trick is to finding the best coupon among the lot. The one-cent deal from Hostgator recently caught a lot of momentum. However, this is only applicable for one-month registration of the baby package. Since the specifications under the package are quite low and the period of the coupon is also minimal, it is advised you try the other coupons instead to bring down your costs more. Remember, in any case, once you have applied a coupon on your package, you cannot reapply for any other vouchers for renewals on the site.

Affiliate sales and referrals

Hostgator does not offer any discounts on domain registrations on the site. However, affiliate marketing might be a way to bring down your hosting costs down the line. With Hostgator, you can earn commissions on every referral that you send their way. The affiliate marketing percentage offered by Hostgator is quite popular for being one of the highest according to industry standards. For existing customers, this might be the best way to cover their overall hosting charges and earn a little side income.

Best Hostgator special coupon

However, considering all the coupon websites the best special coupon for present times might be the website homepage itself . You can get a 30% off on your first billing cycle with Hostgator 30% discount offer. If you choose for the largest billing cycle available for shared web hosting, you will already be billed under a reduced rate. In addition, to this there are tons of other websites which publish hostgator coupons and most of them actually work.

What is the price of FTP web hosting?

With digital communication extending its wings, it is no longer enough to share files at a nominal size that is allowed by emails. While you can attach a file for up to 40 MB depending on the extent of your email provider, what about files that might be larger. How do you share these files, effectively and securely, on a regular basis? FTP web hosting emerges as an ideal solution to this problem. The FTP service allows you to turn the cloud space in an effective virtual workspace for your company or team. Now, you can share large files and even collaborate with your team from any part of the world without any constraints on the file size or communication type. You can use the many features of FTP hosts to go beyond just file sharing and move on to real time cloud collaboration across multiple devices.

FTP hosting services: Features to look for

Sharing and access parameters

Both uploading and downloading is counted as total data transfer on FTP hosts. You should look for hosts that provide unlimited bandwidth or at least bandwidth in the measure of terabytes. This will make sure that you do not have to worry about sharing files with multiple people or devices. Again, file size limits are another feature to look for in FTP hosts packages. Look for packages that offer up to 10 GB or more of file uploading size. This is especially necessary if you are in the habit of uploading 3D rendered presentations o videos. Look for the way the files are shared across the channels. A digital workspace or public links for sharing are two of the most common ways of online collaboration over FTP web hosting services.

Security features

Check whether your FTP hosts use solid encryption services to protect your data against Malware and forced entry attacks. The servers should also have adequate firewall protections as well as additional features such as password protection for files. Remote wipe feature will allow you to delete files from any device connected to your account. This is especially important in case any of the devices are stolen or accessible to any other personnel other than you.

Tech support and backend maintenance

Check if the FTP host has a detailed FAQ section to help you with commonly faced problems. Next, check whether there is a 24×7 available tech support via either phone or chat. Some hosts only provide email support but you can have your responses within 24-48 hours of submitting a ticket for your problem.

Some Leading FTP Hosts in the market

HighTail – Formerly this service was known as YouSendIt. They offer unlimited storage and bandwidth, however, their tech support is limited to office hours during the week.

Box- Every user gets unlimited storage but 2 TB worth of Bandwidth per account. Maximum file sharing size is only up to 5GB.

Dropbox- It is quite versatile service allowing third party application integration with their accounts. However, your file tracking experience might lack some verve because they do not allow recipient’s identity verification on the platform.

Average pricing for FTP web hosts

Depending on your usage requirements, you can find FTP web hosting plans in a variety of price ranges. At average plans start at $5 per month for personal account with many limitations and can go up to $25 per month for business standard usage accounts.

The Top free web hosting sites

For beginners or individual professionals just starting in their fields, an online presence is extremely important. However, you can start building your online brand at no cost with the following free hosting services. Some of them even offer free domain registrations.



The service offers 500MB – 20 GB of disk space and a monthly bandwidth in the range of 500 MB -unlimited. The site does not support FTP uploads but comes with a strong page builder for your website. In fact, the USP of the site is that even non-coders can create professional looking websites. The site supports hosting blog sites and custom domain name registration.




Weebly has made its mark as one of the top free web hosting sites in the market. The site offers free web hosting with a small ad for Weebly included in your site’s footer. You will have to pay extra for a custom domain if you want to register it on Weebly, if you have one already, you can redirect your free account to your custom domain name servers. The tech support for Weebly is equally responsive for free and paid customers. The site also has a better than average uptime. It would not be a bad idea to start your site on a free package and then upgrade right on Weebly when your site has grown beyond the free parameters.





The site has probably the greatest specifications for free web hosting in the market. Yu can avail a whopping 1500 MB disk space and a 50 GB bandwidth with this service. It also offers a high uptime guarantee. However, the site has earned a lot of negative customer feedback due to errant behavior of the tech support, and too many sites being brought down without any prior notice.



edu blogs provides free web tools and hosting for teachers, educational professionals and teachers. The project was started to encourage the use of blogs as a popular learning tool for the classroom. The blogs can be used to learn more about the responsiveness and interactions of web projects and the effects of scripts on the concept of web development.




FreeHostia is another remarkable service with both free and paid services of web hosting. The site offers a chance for new site owners to be acquainted with the hosting environment without any charge. Web developers also use Freehostia to test out new sites during the development procedure. The greatest thing about Freehostia is it does not put any intrusive ads on your website even in the free package.




Webs offers both free and paid services. They also offer a website building service with their customized templates. However, Webs offer both free and premium services strictly for static websites. They have no support for dynamic websites.




As the name suggests, the service offers 5GB of free disk space with a 20GB bandwidth per month. You will also get a forum based tech support for the free service. The service also offers one free domain with the free service. You can upgrade to pro version to get unlimited bandwidth and unlimited space as well as direct tech support 24×7 from the company.

Although, all these are free, it is always good to go for paid hosting with some discount coupons for first year, if you want to know more about websites and their maintenance.

Narrowing Down The Best Web Hosting Providers

Web hosting is a definite need of the hour for almost every serious business owner and professional. A digital presence will enhance your brand value exponentially. However, it is quit imperative to find the best web hosting providers to ensure an optimum website experience. If you are extremely confused by all the options present online, here are a few ways you can narrow down your choices to the very best of the lot.

Comparative Affordability

Always start by having a fixed budget in mind when refining your search for web hosting providers. You can compare different package costs to narrow down your choices that have the most features at the most convenient pricing. It is important to not go too low in the bracket because for a very low price, the quality of service will suffer. However, do not go too pricey, because remember you will have to maintain those costs in the end.

Checking online reviews for page performances

Always take the help of comparison sites and professional reviews on various web hosting providers. This should especially be done for speed and agility performances. In this case, the reviewers often test out the hosting providers for you and will give you a subtle idea of the page upload speed you can expect with particular niches and disk space usage.

Research about critical details

  • Datacenter specifications – always start your background research by asking questions about the datacenter specifications of the web-hosting provider. Make sure that the server is backed by powerful datacenter with high Gigabit uplinks.
  • Server locations- This will greatly affect your website performance. Hosting your website within the country of you target audience base, can improve the page upload speed for your customers, increasing your sales.
  • Usage monitoring limits- Even if your hosting provider tout an unlimited service, it is highly unlikely that you will get a completely unmonitored use of your bandwidth and disk space. Instead, ask for the usage monitoring limits so you are well aware of the tipping points and can upgrade before you cross over the usage cap.

Customer feedback onsite and on popular forums

Always take the time to read what existing and past customers are saying about your hosting provider. However, use your judgment when reading both positive and negative reviews. Some negative reviews might stem from the user’s ignorance while some positive reviews might be a paid marketing strategy from the company. Try to take an average view of all the customer feedback and enter in to live discussions on forums before you come to any conclusion regarding performances.

Analyzing pros and cons of the top options

  • Disk space and bandwidth – The disk space and bandwidth, especially for VPS and dedicated hosting should be competitive according to the industry standards. If you think representatives will be open to negotiations on higher packages, you can very well talk to them about it.
  • Customer support experience- Take the time to talk to the customer support of the hosting provider to get a clear idea of their behavior towards potential and existing customers.